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Our Professional Equipment


Experience Liquid Jazz Project performing with the Professional Bose L1 Model II with Bose B2 Bass Modules systems at your event and you won’t believe the amazingly clear sound it projects to virtually every corner of the room. This super-sleek PA system combines Bose technologies, for exceptionally uniform sound – nearly 180 degrees of consistent tonal coverage, in fact not only does that even dispersion benefit the audience, but we hear exactly what the audience hears. This means no hot spot sound coverage that is associated with traditonal speakers on stands. Not only is the quality far superior, but the sound can be heard no matter where you’re sitting and the quality is warm and crystal clear, hence all aspects of both vocals and music are first class.

 Liquid Jazz Project Performance is at a non intrusive level where you can enjoy while having a conversation with your friends.


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6 Systems – Bose L1 Model 2 with Bose B2 subs – Bose New F1 Series with Subs (Special Events)

2 Systems – Bose Tonematch T8s Mixers – 8 Channel 

                                                    2 Systems – Bose T4s Tonematch Mixers – 4 Channel

                                                   2 Systems – Bose L1 Compact & 2 Bose S1 Pro wireless 

3 Shure Super 55
3 Shure Beta SM58’s microphones wireless 
2 Neuman KMS 105 Performance Vocal Microphones

 Shure Wireless Performance Vocal Microphone (for Weddings and Special Events)

1 Shure Monitor wireless system to be used in connecting Bose Compact system to another room for live music feed i.e  Patio

Basses – Steinberger CRM4 Electric Upright Bass – Furlnetto 5 String Bass , Steinberger XL2 Bass and Musicman Stingray 4 Fretless Bass and Yamaha Silent Bass SLB200 
Guitars – Fender Stratocaster – Gibson Les Paul Custom

Keyboards – Roland – Yamaha Professional Piano Motif XP88 and Nord Professional Pianos

DW Professional Series Drums & Ludwig Professional Series